Wildlife Art of Peter Bruce

Original wildlife art painted in various mediums including oil, gouache and pastel.

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The Online Gallery of Wildlife Artist, Peter Bruce. A professional artist specializing in African and Scottish wildlife. His work has an almost photographic quality, and a realism that draws the observer into the picture as if he were actually there. Artwork done in gouache, pastel, and oils.Peter Paints african wildlife, Peter Bruce shows realism in his art, PeterBruce grew up in Kenya, wildlife art has always been a favourite of Peter Bruce, Peter exhibits wildlife paintings at Christies Auctions each year, Of these paintings are elephants, elephant, cheetah, leopard, caracal, gemsbok.Peter paints in oils, gouache, pastel, pencil, original art. His paintings are mostly original wildlife art of the Big Cat, big cats. Wildlife photography is also one of his hobbies and uses his photographic library extensively.Peter Bruce takes on commissions, art commissions, wildlife art commissions. One of his favourite animals to paint are elephant art, cheetah art, leopard art, caracal art,lynx art, gemsbok art, zebra art, Wildlife Art, felines, birds of prey, online gallery, Online Gallery. Peter Bruce started incorporating air brush, airbrush and airbrush techniques into his artwork several years ago. Peter spent 14 years on a private game reserve in Namibia, South west Africa. He painted in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania